Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Psychic Journey

Fiammetta's Interview at the Alua Magna at U of Stockholm 2011

As a presenter about anomalous and spiritual phenomena in 2011 at TSC (Towards a Science of Consciousness), both as a researcher and as an artist exhibiting her art at the same time, Fiammetta is being interviewed by journalist Bertil Hakansson while her art is in the background.
      In this particular instance Hilda Holman filmed the whole interview which lasted for about an hour. It described her earliest spiritual experiences, clairvoyance, telepathy, P.K. since the age of 10. Her own interest in these phenomena has been paramount in order for her to understand to some degree why, when, and what these experiences were about.
      They can be interpreted from various points of view such as religion, spirituality, culture, psychology, biology, etc... and possibly within a framework correlating brain, mind and consciousness function. Furthermore, she is driven by her own existential experiences, most of which were witnessed by outsiders, to attempt outlining various hypotheses about motivations and circumstances creating them.
      Besides being an artist Fiammetta has also trained in the medical field and in philosophy (see website: and she finds herself in the unusual position of researching the phenomena of her own experiences. Subject and object are the same in this inquiry.
      Since 1978 a theologian Paul Lehman with whom she had a seminar at Ghost Ranch suggested that she write a book about her life experiences. She started the project three times over all those years and has finally arrived to the last leg of the enterprise and possibly of her life! Needless to say the advent of computers has facilitated the job and 34 more years of living have yielded more fruits!
      Her concern regarding her autobiography comes from her desire to communicate to others how, when, and why she may have had experiences which a good number of the population has always had, but may have repressed, ignored, or have been fearful of. Two films about these unusual events are available from Marcus Perfjell and Fiammetta Rubin. It is Fiammetta's hope that her experiences might be used as a mirror through which viewers might recognize what they already know, and use the messages or meanings gathered from these experiences for further self knowledge and personal empowerment.