Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The letter Y, symbol of the Pythagorean School

Healing occurs at many levels: physical, psychological, emotional, by placebo effect, spiritual, etc... and information about the healing process can be obtained through dowsing. I do not use rods but a system using tarot cards.
.......In this story available on, healing is obtained through self hypnosis, using vocalizations to effect the tuning of the chakras and the use of archetypal imagery.

As a matter of fact my healing specialty belongs within the framework of Siberian Shamans, since I sent out energy from my solar plexus. Believe it or not I am in the process of finishing my autobiography about my unusual experiences since childhood. The title is "The Autobiography of a Suburban Shaman". You shall it eventually on
     Vaios cum Deum, Fiammetta Rubin

Dream: The Templar

The Power of the Last Grand Master of the Templar Order: Jaques de Molay
His Burning at the stake in Paris in 1312 because he recanted  
The Spirit is more mighty than the flesh

Go to for the 8 minute story.  

Moving Belt, Seance

Yes, we had a seance. Yes, the medium was good. Yes, she could read our minds. Yes, on New Years Eve 1979 we had a great party. The next morning the belt pertaining to a dress worn by a kid at the party, but which had never entered the house with the dress suddenly appeared on ironing board. Go to for the excerpt of this event. It is part of the documentary called Fiammetta's Story. Link is above it.

Ice Cream Falls

In 1999 as I and a friend were eating lentil soup in a deli after about 8 minutes at the table I and a couple of elderly citizens saw suddenly two ice cream cones, chocolate and vanilla, fall from the ceiling and splash on the floor behind my friend's back. Go to for the 5 minute video about the event.

Fiammetta Rubin

Lincoln's Bullet

It just so happened in 1970-71 that an enameled plate on which I had etched a drawing I created of Lincoln's face had an accident while being fired in the kiln. A round black spot appeared on his forehead and I was not capable of burning it out. My neighbor who received the enameled plate a gift asked me if I knew how Lincoln had been killed. I only knew of the event. She informed me that the black spot on the plate, on Lincoln's forehead, showed the location where the bullet had lodged in the head! This was one of my first such experiences.

Anna's Leap

In Flight

Anna was our maid when I was 17 years old in Rome. One night as I sat in my darkened room with an open window, Anna ran unaware that I could see her along the balcony climbed on top of the rail and plunged. The other maids in the courtyard actually urged her to commit suicide. They had had enough of her complaints about life. 

     Instead of falling straight down, smashed on the cement courtyard, she "flew" diagonally to the left and landed as story below into our neighbors balcony. There wasn't even a scratch on her body. The story relates how the events unfolded and I wrote a play about it in 1958.

Vision 2

Resurrection by Matthias Gruenewald, Isenheim Altarpiece, 16th Century

As I was walking towards the olive grove on a warm July evening I suddenly stopped as a whole sweep of life engulfed me, and at 11 years or age I had what is now called a mystical experience. I did not talk about it for the following 65 years.

     How could an 11 year old child say to adults that it had had a transcendant experience and be taken seriously. The child knew that no one would believe it and kept silent about most of it for 25 years, only to divulge the complete received message 40 years later.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Childhood Roots

This is a brief exert of my childhood on a farm along the Appian Road about 10 miles outside of Rome. That was my heaven as I played with cats, snails, rabbits, and gathered wild herbs for dinner. It suddenly ended on a cold November night when I was woken up, dressed, bundled into a German commander's car and driven to Rome, because it had become Open City. We had moved to my grandmother's apartment.

This story is part of my autobiography which is in the process of being edited.

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