Monday, October 14, 2013

I apologize to my readers for the most confusing blog from yesterday.  It is strange, and perhaps not, that help arrives sometimes from unusual  circumstances, due perhaps to a trivial exchange from which a spark rises, unforseen in time and place,  and by utter chance a fire, which had smoldered in my mind for twenty years , is ignited.
    The mind awakens,  Ha! Ha!... this may be the time, the right time. And then I laugh, yes, because I had not even thought about it before, but the dowsing had shown it.... My cognitive self does not think of the "dowsing: I Ching, etc... because so far it is incomprehensible how the future can become known to consciousness by a simple falling of sticks or other divinatory methods.  And what 'clear cognition' cannot comprehend is often regarded as illusory.
    There are two parts in whatever you may want to call" My Self"... and perhaps many more...and often they do not communicate well, as I am quite aware of this. And it is O.K.  They  have an analytical and inspirational function, together they reinforce one another and dispel doubt, the  stalking killer nestled deep in our mind.
    When the Prophecy is fulfilled in space-time doubt is dispelled, the  event is obviously accepted and one forgets that its existence was known by the "unconscious" before "its time. The strange has become acceptable because IT DID OCCURR  and life is back to "normal" again,  consciousness is no longer split.  That is it for to-day, namaste

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Of What> I don't have the faintest notion about this process, don't even know how to go on my own blog

and need help to navigate  the internet!!!! Anyone out there living in Philadelphia, PA? I also have a documentary which is cock-eyed and needs working on so I can place it on Amazon...don't have a notion on how to proceed....  If someone out there goes on my website, please email me if you can help me navigate better. My computer helper vanished in Machu P...or so it appears.
  Yes, this sounds nuts, but some grounded help may surface this way.... like shooting with your eyes closed....  into the ethernet..guess it is called "faith".  Sometimes I have missiles of  faith, sometimes I simply sink in a swamp.  To-night is swamp time. Have to say hallo to the gators. Need a good night's sleep. F.