Friday, July 12, 2019

Adam and Eve were first conceived in 1970 in Ames, Iowa.  The artwork's meaning arose from the incompatibility in dialogues between the sexes and how the dialogue can become destructive, verbally, emotionally and biologically, unless humans are ready to TALK about their issues.  Fiammetta is writing her autobiography and focusing greatly on such issues because they are fundamental to human society.
                              ADAM AND EVE 2000

Saturday, July 6, 2019

A Suburman Shaman: Autobiography

I need to find out to how to place photos of my visual printed experiences  on this blog.  IT shall be about how and when I studied my own   experienced Unusual Phenomena, catalogued ,and created a hypothesis about the consulting available data about biology, physics,  consciousness, religion,  and Nature.--The title needs to be as  weird as is to-day would be a SUBURBAN SHAMAN!--Thank you for suggestions. about this enterprise.  The book has already been written, but I cannot place it on the internet , because publishers  shall not touch Public Domain's  information .  I also need a proofreader, and am short of large funds!   My website is : This project could morph into a cooperative one.- If you email me:  postfix  your email ( after your  post with the word "shaman", or we shall not have a conversation.   Fiammetta. July 6 , 2019