Saturday, July 6, 2019

A Suburman Shaman: Autobiography

I need to find out to how to place photos of my visual printed experiences  on this blog.  IT shall be about how and when I studied my own   experienced Unusual Phenomena, catalogued ,and created a hypothesis about the consulting available data about biology, physics,  consciousness, religion,  and Nature.--The title needs to be as  weird as is to-day would be a SUBURBAN SHAMAN!--Thank you for suggestions. about this enterprise.  The book has already been written, but I cannot place it on the internet , because publishers  shall not touch Public Domain's  information .  I also need a proofreader, and am short of large funds!   My website is : This project could morph into a cooperative one.- If you email me:  postfix  your email ( after your  post with the word "shaman", or we shall not have a conversation.   Fiammetta. July 6 , 2019

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